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The Power of Play

What is PLAY? “Play is multi-faceted, complex and dynamic, eluding easy definition. It is usually felt to be a universal activity and children are often portrayed as having an inherent desire and capacity to play.” Free or pure play: Children have all the control, and adults are passive observers. Guided play: Teacher-child collaboration, with the …


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Is Music Good for Toddlers?

Music provides cognitive benefits that support children’s early development. Here are five reasons why music can be beneficial to the development of your child. Music increases toddlers’ sensory development. Exposing your child to different types of music can help create mor pathways between the cells in their brains; This effect increases even more when you …


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When Should My Child Learn to Swim

When making your decision, keep your child’s emotional maturity, physical and developmental abilities and comfort level in the water in mind. Children develop at different rates and not all are ready at exactly the same time. Learning to swim should be a top priority for every family since drowning is one of the top causes …


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When Should I Introduce Reading to My Child?

Learning to read is a unique process for each child. Some children start learning to read in preschool or daycare and some children learn how to read in first grade. It is important to remember that children learn at their own pace and that is completely natural. Toddlers (Ages one to three) At this age …