How to Help Your Child’s Fears of Halloween

  1. Please do not minimize your child’s fears.
    Let them know you understand their fears. After all, monsters and bloody eyeballs may be fun to you but very scary to a young child. Some children have a hard time differentiating between reality and fantasy making Halloween a horror movie to a child.
  2. Prepare your child early.
    Explain that during Halloween people have fun dressing up… some as a princess, a police person, a scary monster.
    While shopping, if you see some Halloween displays, point out to the children that they are just fake and allow the kids to touch the display.
  3. When you decorate for Halloween.
    Do not use a scary monster. Use only cute decorations and of course, carve your own cute pumpkin face on your pumpkins. Nothing scary.
  4. Remember, It is a holiday for the children.
    Do not buy an expensive costume that on Halloween day your child refuses to put on. LOL

Also, if your child exhibits fear throughout the month of October, you may want to drop trick or treating altogether.

Many people are dressed up in a costume when they open their door, which can be terrifying to a young child.

If you do decide to trick to treat, bring another older child with you or an adult who can knock at the door. This may weed out a scary monster who opens the door-keeping your child back may help him from being scared.

Halloween is fun, exciting and you get free candy. Once your child finds out about the candy, I bet his/her fears will slowly go away.

Have Fun! BOO!!!!

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