Is Music Good for Toddlers?

Music provides cognitive benefits that support children’s early development.

Here are five reasons why music can be beneficial to the development of your child.

  1. Music increases toddlers’ sensory development.
    Exposing your child to different types of music can help create mor pathways between the cells in their brains; This effect increases even more when you link music to different activities such as dancing
  2. Music can improve literacy and numeracy.
    Babies can hear the difference between different types of sounds. Just after a few weeks, a baby is able to identify their mother’s voice from other people’s. By singing to your child, your can help them to identify sound patterns and learn through repetition. Music also helps children anticipates what is coming next in a poem or a song and they know how to put these patterns in sequence.
  3. Music is a mood filter.
    Just as music can sooth a child, such as a lullaby at bedtime, it can also lift their spirits.
  4. Music helps toddlers build coordination.
    Music encourages children’s inclination to move, developing their fine motor skills and gross motor skills. Plus, if the rhythm is very entertaining you may notice your toddler starting to jump up and down, which helps their music development, strength and balance.
  5. Music can help toddlers develop their vocabulary.
    Your child may not understand the words in a song or in a nursery rhyme, they do develop their understanding by identifying the storytelling in a song. For instance, the ABC song …. Eventually they will realize lmnop are actually letters.
    Children may be inclined to learn new songs and new dance moves when they play with other children in a play group. Playgroups, such as Baby Power Forever Kids , are the perfect environment where your child can socialize with other children their age and discover the joy of music.

Here is a chart to help understand the benefits of music for different toddler age groups.

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