When Should I Introduce Reading to My Child?

Learning to read is a unique process for each child. Some children start learning to read in preschool or daycare and some children learn how to read in first grade.

It is important to remember that children learn at their own pace and that is completely natural.

Toddlers (Ages one to three)

At this age children may have some favorite books that you read to them. They can point to things in the book and also answer questions about the book that they like.

Early Preschool (Age three)

At age three children may explore books independently, listen to longer books, retell familiar stories, and sing along to ABC song. They my recognize letters in their name and make written symbols which look like letters to them.

The best way to set your child up for success is to read to them often. A study indicates that children who have been read to develop stronger language, literacy, numeracy and cognitive skills later in life.

Make story time a daily activity in your home. Children love stories and this is an opportunity for parent/child bonding.

Late Preschool (Age four)

Children recognize word that rhyme, can name about 16 letters of the alphabet, write their full name, develop awareness of syllables, and match some letters to their sounds.

At this age, children also understand that printed text is read from left to right, top to bottom.

Try to set up a small library in your home, even if it is only a few books while trips to the library are very exciting for your child when they borrow their own book or attend story time at the library.

Pre Reading Skills

Before children start reading there are some pre-reading skills they should learn first. Some of these skills are phonemic awareness and alphabet recognition.

Bottom Line

You can use Reading.com to teach your child reading skills.
Reading instruction can begin before kindergarten.
Instruction is most effective when it involves games and songs.

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