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How to Choose the Best DayCare for Your Baby

Big Decision — It’s normal to be a bit anxious. First, it’s important to know the different daycare options. Pros of A Daycare Center Many have an educational focus. Plenty of opportunity to socialize with peers. Structured environment with a consistent routine and schedule Must be licensed and abide by state regulations (such as teacher …


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To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate

For some parents, vaccines represent a threat to their child’s health and safety but, for the vast majority of parents, vaccinating their child is a given. “Seventy years ago, we didn’t have to sell vaccines to people because those diseases were a real threat,” Brian Zikmund-Fisher, an associate professor of health behavior and health education …


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Diapers: Disposable or Cloth?

Cloth Diapers Pros: While cloth diapers come with a larger initial investment, they are much cheaper over the long run than disposable diapers. Since cloth diapers are less absorbent than disposables (con) you will need to change diaper more often-hence less diaper rash. (pro) It may be easier to start potty training because kids will …