How to Enjoy the Holidays with Your Toddler

Accept and understand your child’s temperament. Some children are born with easy temperaments while others are born with not so easy temperaments and show stress right from the start.

Some of their challenging behaviors may include—increased crying, tantrums, clinging and even excessive energy.

Being turned on to your children’s temperament helps you organize your children’s environment so that behaviors can flow more smoothly. You then can provide a more enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

For example:

Forewarn you child about the changes that are about to happen.

Children may need a quiet place for example while shopping in a noisy crowed mall. Find a spot with on people and stay there for a few minutes.

Children who are shy may need a while to interact at family gatherings. Do not force, just stay back quietly until the child is comfortable.

A high energy child may need to be give acceptable outlets for that energy.

Be aware of your child’s schedule. Try to keep the same schedule, if possible. ( naps, eating time, play time)

Seven tips on managing your child’s stress:

  1. Manage your own stress
  2. As much as possible, keep the routines the same
  3. Manage expectations
  4. Keep kids active
  5. Spend time together
  6. Build some family Holiday Rituals (Traditions)
  7. Choose to do something, as a family, to help others

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