8 Signs Your Child is Smarter than Average


When it comes to intellectually gifted children, it’s common that they begin showing signs very early on.

But that is not the only factor. Much of how they act is tied to birth order or is family related. 

Smart doesn’t necessarily mean successful, and science tells us that parental influence is much

more of a determining factor than anything else.

Still, there are some children who really stand out. It’s important to catch the signs early to help them hone and develop who they will become in the most supportive environment possible.

  1. Books are more important than their best friends

Children who are smarter than average not only learn to read early-once they learn to read, they turn reading into learning.

  1. They thrive during free play opportunities

Alone time doesn’t bother smart kids. Their mind keeps them busy enough

  1. The magic may be in the mess

Einstein said “ If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, then what are we to think of an empty desk?” We, as adults, know that creativity is often born in the mess, so allowing it invites children to problem solve, invent, and produce original ideas.

  1. Their mind is like a camera

Their memorization skills are above and beyond “normal”.

  1. They might be wallflowers

Smart kids aren’t always the social ones. They watch, assess, and almost map the future to determine if a particular task or activity is worth their investment. They stand back and observe.

  1. Bedtime is a battle

Smarter-that-average individuals often struggle with sleep. They’re frequently  night owls and prefer to keep their own hours.

  1. They aren’t good at everything

Smart kid know their strengths and stick with them. This also means that children who are smarter than average won’t necessarily excel at school.

  1. Their parents are well educated

A parent who pursued higher education is more likely to have a child who does the same.

A well-educated parent is more likely to see and understand the importance of introducing their child to various learning opportunities at a young age when retention is strong


Hence, it winds up being a blend of intellectual intelligence and emotional intelligence!

This is what we believe in at Baby Power Forever Kids


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