Babies Need Exercise

Regular exercise in babies causes the kind of development that may be critical for health in later life. Infancy and the toddler years are the time that the brain is developing pathways and connections to the muscles.

 The pediatric experts at the National Association for Sport and Physical Education want to hear more parents saying they are not putting their toddlers and infants in playpens, car seats or strollers for extended periods of time. These (non) activities may be delaying their child’s physical and mental development. Dr. Jane Clark , PHD professor and chair of the department of kinesiology at the university of Maryland says “The need for even the very young to be physically active is something parents often don’t understand.”

Children who do not get enough exercise may miss out on the chance to make the strong kinds of brain-muscle connections that make physical activity easier and more enjoyable. As the child grows and matures, it is that physical competence that makes exercise more likely to become a life-long habit.

These are some of the reasons that Baby Power Forever Kids play programs that begin at age 6 months to 6 years, are so important for the “all around” physical and mental development of young children.

Physical development in our gym activities coupled with our interactive music in all classes (all age appropriate) are fabulous for your child’s physical, mental and psychological development.

To maintain their lifelong health and your sanity, make sure your infant or toddler is getting enough physical activity.

We not only make exercise and music very enjoyable, We Make it FUN!!

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