Why Do Toddlers Love To Climb?

Toddlers climb because they think they can! Toddlers are very curious and as they gain confidence, they start to climb everywhere, and not aware of the danger they expose themselves to.

Providing a safe environment such as an indoor home gym where they can safely climb under supervision, is a great way to satisfy the little “climbing monkey” in the room.

How can you stop toddlers from climbing? YOU CAN’T!!

At around 18 months old a toddler gains better body control and start to test the limits of how far they can go. For some toddlers, only fear of heights or a previous fall will keep them from climbing to high places.

Not every toddler has the urge to climb, but for those that do, parents have a challenge of keeping them safe.

Here are some safety hints:

  1. Provide safe outlets:
    Indoor and outdoor play gyms; A study step stool so your child can access out-of-reach toys or books; Make obstacle courses out of pillows or bean bag chair
  2. Anticipate Accidents:
    You have already baby proofed your house, now climb-proof by securing heavy furniture, especially dressers
  3. Remain on Catch Duty:
    Supervise vigilantly. Stay nearby, just in case
  4. Set Clear Firm Rules:
    On what he is allowed to climb on
  5. Crib Climbing:
    Set crib mattress on lowest setting and remove stuffed animals (used to climb on and out) Also, put cushions or quilt on the floor incase he actually climbs out.
  6. Safety Gate:
    Install a safety gate across your toddler’s bedroom door in case of a middle of the night escape and a safety gate at the top of the stairs.
  7. Latch all cabinets:
    Medicines, sharp objects or other unsafe items should be locked away
  8. Ladders and Unstable Furniture:
    If it’s wobbly it is unsafe as well as a ladder
  9. Chairs and stools away from Windows:
    Don’t give your toddler that opportunity
  10. Limit Visual Temptations
    Keep desirable items out of site

If you have future Mt Everest climber, remember there are ways to help him train for his future Mt Everest climb. If monitoring his climbing fixation is driving you crazy, remember, he will eventually outgrow it!

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