Taking Toddlers to the Beach

First, find a beach that fits your style. Meaning, does the area have a boardwalk just in case your toddler tires of the sand and water and needs to take a walk in the stroller. Also, the beach should not be more than an hour drive from your home. Everyone is tired on the way home so an hour is not too bad a drive when Mom and Dad and baby are really exhausted.

In some states you have to pay to get on the beach, so if you think you are going to be a regular, purchase a season pass.

Also, look for a beach that has a playground for older siblings and a baby area in the playground.

  1. Bring your own buckets, shovels trucks, towels, and a lot of extra clothes.
  2. Try to find a spot near someone else who has kids and encourage playing with them.
  3. Find a spot near the water so you do not shave to keep running far to fill the pail with water.
  4. Make sure there are lifeguards
  5. You need a diaper bag with nappies, wipes, towel for changing, trash bag, moisturizer lotion, SUNTAN LOTION, pacifier, rash guard, sandals or shoes, first aid items.
  6. Food, plenty of water/juice (freeze bottles of water at home), snacks for all, kids’ books
  7. UMBRELLA (unless you can rent one on the beach)
  8. Sunglasses, sunscreen, hat, stroller or wagon, towels, beach chair, camera

Adults can do without shade (unless you are Irish) but toddlers and your older children cannot.

FYI I had four children and we vacationed down the shore every summer. It is beyond my comprehension how I did it. And, I dragged a playpen on the beach every day for the 10 month old.

8 yr old, 5 year old, 2.5 year old and 10 month old. Ah yes, I loved the beach, and I was young.

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