Camping with a Toddler

A first camping trip, with your toddler, will depend on where you choose to go. You may want to choose a site that is more local to you so your trip is not too long.

Check your state’s Department of Natural Resources website for a full list of available campgrounds. Many site will let you call ahead to reserve a site. There are so many options available, please think ahead for what you are looking for. Worst -case scenario: is there a hospital nearby, just in case.

Some practical tips:

  • Practice at home: Go through the motions of setting up a tent in your yard with your toddler. Go through different scenarios with your toddler and make it fun.
  • Bring the right clothes to insure your toddler is warm while sleeping
  • Create a changing station
  • Bring a backpack with toys
  • Bring more clothes and MORE clothes
  • Lower your expectations
  • Bring lots of snacks
  • Bring a portable camping high chair or pod, a play pen, wet wipes, garbage bags, a carpet, a play pen, some type of noise machine to lull a fussy toddler to sleep, a cooler, especially if you are storing breast milk, and bug deterrent.
  • Also, check the weather ( if inclement— cancel)

If you are prepared, it will be fun.

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