Potty Training - Ready-set-GO!

Potty Training – Ready-set-go!

Potty Training


Start by maintaining a positive attitude and set your child up for success.

Here are some steps to follow.


1. Place a potty chair in the bathroom or, initially where your child spends most of his/her time.

You may have your child decorate the chair. Ask your child to sit on the chair (with or without a diaper). Also,

make sure you child’s feet rest firmly on the floor Help your child understand how to talk about the

bathroom by using simple, correct terms .You may empty a soiled diaper into the potty chair to help

you child understand its purpose.

2. Schedule Potty Breaks

Have your child sit on the potty chair or toilet without a diaper, several times a day for a few minutes.

For boys it is better to have them sit on the potty until they are completely trained and then move to a

standing position.

Praise you child for sitting on the potty even when they do not pee pee and read some potty training

books to them while on the potty. Stay with you child while he/she is in the bathroom. Be consistent

and remember to bring the potty chair with you when leaving the home.

3 .Get There Fast

Look for the signs your child exhibit, such as squirming, squatting or holding themselves-get there

fast! Help you child understand the signs and praise him/her for telling you when they have to go.

Girls should be taught to wipe from front to back to prevent germs from entering the vagina. Also, have

our child wash their hands after sitting on the potty (even if they did not pee pee or pooh pooh). If you

have a special soap pump , it becomes fun. Also, let your child flush the toilet.

Children respond to stickers or stars on a chart or little presents when they accomplish their potty task.

Please praise your child even if they do not accomplish the feat. You can say WOW you are really getting

to be a big girl/boy.

4. Away With the Diapers

After a few weeks of training with diapers and have had success several times, it is time to get rid of

the diapers and bring on the training pants. Be careful not to put belts, overalls, leotards or other items

that hinder undressing fast.

5. Watch The Diet

Give you child lots of fiber to eat and water to drink so she/he doesn’t become constipated, which

can make toilet training difficult. Also, sit your child on the potty when he/she is likely to have a bowel

movement, like 30 minutes after eating or having a bath. Teach your child to use certain words, such as

“wee wee, poo or I have to go” to let you know when he/she needs the potty.

6. Night Time

Keep diapers on at night until your child goes for many naps and then nights waking up I the morning

with a dry diaper. This may take many months or even years. You may want to put your child on the

potty at 11 PM for a while and slowly back up the time to 10 PM 9PM and then right before bed time.

The idea is not to push your child. Relax and let him/her go at their own pace. Sometimes potty training

takes days and sometimes months. Don’t be intimidated by people who say about their own “terrific,

speedy “children. Good luck and have fun

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