Use Storytelling to Engage the Creative Mind of a Child

Use Storytelling to Engage the Creative Mind of a Child


In our next series of blogs, we’ll be sharing ways to spark the imagination of a child. Parents and

teachers can create opportunities for children to develop an imagination starting when a child is very

young. At Baby Power, we strongly believe in the Power of Play (see white paper), and the only place a

child can grow their imagination is by playing.

Storytelling is one way to engage an imaginary mind. And there are so many fun ways to tell a story. As

human being, we all see the world a little differently. Sharing or creating stories engages the mind

developing critical thinking skills

Family Time – Have your child recall a favorite family memory by drawing it. He or she will engage in

creative problem-solving skills in an attempt to draw a fond memory. The whole family can get involved

and enjoy how each family member shares stories through art of a favorite family moment. Your child

will be actively impacting their cognitive development by telling a story in their own way, using their


Exploring their Own Fantasies – There’s nothing like watching a young child play all by themselves

exploring a part of the world that interests them. As a parent, engage in your child’s mind by sharing

fantasies or stories from your childhood. This might encourage them to put their fantasies into words

and actions. You can also create fantasies together by using nature as a backdrop and a resource.

Dress-up together to act out your story and consider recording it for your family archives.

Collective Storytelling – This is one you can use to pass the time on a road trip, sitting around a campfire

or even the dinner table. Have one person start a story with one sentence. For example, “Once upon a

time there was a green dog that had special powers…” Everyone in the group then adds to the story

with a one sentence. Encourage the use is adjectives and descriptive words to help everyone really

visualize the story. This type of storytelling could go on for some time or even put on pause and picked

up at a later time.

Acting Out a Story Through Music and Dance – Pick your child favorite song and have them act it out.

Songs like “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” are easy to portray, but other song lyrics can engage a young mind and

get some creative juices flowing. Your child might dance

These ideas offer a bit of structure to engage a child’s mind. A simple walk through the forest or on a

beach can do the same thing. Give your child the down time he/she needs to engage their mind in their

own way. And enjoy sitting back and watching a beautiful mind at play.

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