Please note that there are no classes in the Bronx location, only playdates:   

Baby Power Classes

Parent/Child play classes for ages 6 months up to 3 ½. Classes include warm-up, mini-gymnastics, music/singing, story time. Crafts and show 'n' tell begin at age 2.
To ensure each child gets individualized attention, we have an 8 child maximum per class. The age span in class is 4 months and siblings are welcome (over 12 months are charged a fee). Free trial classes are offered and make-ups are allowed.


Baby Power: (6 mo-2 yr.)

45 minutes including warm-up, gym play, singing, puppetry, instruments and story time. Class activities and songs vary, depending upon the age group.

Mini-Plus: (2 - 2½ yr.)

60 minutes including warm-up, show and tell, gym play, singing, puppetry, instruments, story time, and craft. Color s and shapes emphasized.

Power-Plus 1: (2½ - 3 yr.)

60-75 minutes including warm-up, show and tell, gym play, singing, instruments, story time, and craft. Letters and numbers are emphasized.

Open Gym: (6 mo.-5 yr.)

60 minutes. Children come to run, crawl, and tumble in the gym - no formal class structure. Instructor on-site. Discounts for siblings. 12 children max. Parents required.

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