11 Signs Your Baby Will Be A Genius

A genius child is a rare occurrence so ideally you want to recognize these signs early.

The Obvious Mile stones: 

Beginning to read, walk and talk early. You can tell if you observe your infant interacting with other children around the same age. They will talk baby talk and may try expansive muscle movements like creeping or even running a few steps.

A Keen Interest in Language:

A genius child always has a distinct fascination in language. At 6 months they can stay in one place and pay a lot of attention to your songs and stories whereas a normal infant cannot stay in one place for long. They will speak in two word sentences at 14 months old.

Exceptionally Sharp Memory:

Connect the Dots Quickly:

Figure things out such as climbing out of the crib to playpen at a very early age

A sense of Right and Wrong:

For example, your baby may get mad at you for shouting at the dog

Excessively Inquisitive or Curious:

Curiosity and genius go hand in hand. They will continuously ask you questions or taking apart a toy to see what is inside.

They Sleep Less:

They Have a Vivid Imagination:

They are Insightful:

They know is you have a new hair style or change the furniture around or if you are unhappy. They keenly observe.

A Tendency to Fixate:

Wanting to play with one specific toy or hear the same story over and over again. They focus!

They have a fabulous imagination and also play independently.

Heightened Awareness:

A smart child is constantly mindful of his environment. Cooperate with your infant when needing to change something in his environment such as moving his toys form one area to another. Do it and then move it back and then back again. He wants his things (as we all do) where he wants them. They notice change almost immediately.

So, if you have a little genius on your hands, ENJOY the challenge!