Flying for the Holidays- Masks or No Masks

The biggest challenge for families with young children might not be packing the gifts,
transportation as in finding a Covid-19-safe airport or herding the whole clan to the gate. It
could be coming up with ways to make sure your fidgety toddlers wear their face masks in the
terminal and during the flight.

Corona virus complicates travel due to the fear of contracting the virus and the widespread rule
that children MUST wear face masks.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offered the interim guidance that echoed the
policies of most airlines in saying masks must be worn by all passengers except those under the
age of two.

The level of enforcement may vary from airplane to airplane, crew to crew given that some
airlines give their flight attendants more leeway than others.

There is little variation between carriers when it comes to the written policies. But one
exception is Delta Air Lines, with a policy that states “young children who cannot maintain a
face covering are exempt for the mask requirement”. It does not define “young” Delta states
that people with medical conditions who cannot wear a mask need to complete a “clearance to
fly” protocol before they are granted an exemption.

Passengers who won’t comply with mask requirements on planes are often put on carriers’ no-
fly lists, and are banned from future flights.

Try not to travel at this time but if you must, WEAR A FACE MASK!

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