Unstructured playtime is more valuable for your child’s developing brain that is electronic media. Children younger than age 2 are more likely to lean and remember information from a lice presentation than they are from a video.

Too much poor quality screen time, as your child grows, has been linked to, Irregular sleep schedules and shorter duration of sleep:

Obesity; Irregular sleep schedules and shorter duration of sleep; Behavioral problems;  Loss of social skills; Violence; Less time for play

Toddlers and young children who spend more than three hours a day viewing a screen, either watching TV or playing on a tablet, are more likely to be sedentary by the time they reach kindergarten.

Most parents say their children watch two or more hours of TV a day, despite a recommendation from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) that kids ages 2 to 5 spend no more than an hour a day with screens of any kind – TV, tablet, phone, or computer. (The AAP recommends no screens at all for children younger than 18 months.)

According to Nielsen statistics, children between the ages of 2-5 years typically spend approximately 21.8 hours each week watching television. That works out to approximately three hours each day, or 25 percent of their time awake.

Almost every person you ask will have a different opinion as to how much TV your toddler should watch. Some will say that allowing your toddler to watch any TV at all is bad, others say it can be beneficial. I personally believe a small amount of ‘good TV’ can be very positive for your toddler.


 (Daily viewing easily becomes habit.) The less watching time, the better! Set a goal, such as no more than 30 minutes or an hour per day, or one favorite show, so that you’ll not be tempted to turn the TV on too frequently. Watch programs yourself before you allow your baby or toddler to watch them.


These are good reasons to take your child to a play program such as Baby Power Forever Kids. They will interact with other children of their age group, climb, jump, sing, play instruments and do crafts (as long as they do not eat the glue.) lol


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