Moving With A Baby or Toddler

Moving With A Baby or Toddler

Moving is difficult for everybody, especially young children. To toddlers, moving is similar to having their entire world shaken.

If possible, take your toddler and even your infant to visit the new location a few times before the move. You may be surprised at your toddler’s reaction. I could range from excited happiness to being upset since nothing looks familiar. Take some pictures of her favorite room or playground and talk about them before and after the move. Also, show the same pictures to your infant and talk about where you are going – sounds crazy but infants can understand much more than you may think.


Ask your toddler to help pack her room and reassure him/her that all of her treasures will be coming with her to her new room. Also, please paint her new room the same color as the old room and place the furniture as close to where it was located in the old room. Same pictures and curtains also add to a smooth transition for your toddler. Set up your child’s room first when you get to the new house.


Before the move, stick to the same routine –babies love routine. Use nap time to do your packing and begin to pack a long time before the move.


Try to use a professional moving company, even if the move is close by. It is worth the expense since you could pull your back out by trying to move and lift pieces of furniture or large boxes.


On moving day, your little ones should be somewhere else, either with a friend or baby sitter (if possible). Moving day is VERY confusing and sometimes frightening to a young child especially if you are feeling upset. If you are moving far away, your car should be a virtual play area filled with videos, toys and snacks.


Also, if you are moving far away, find a new pediatrician (ask your current doctor for a recommendation) in the new area, before you move. Inadvertently, someone gets sick the minute you open the door to your new home


When you get into the new house, please crawl all over the house so you can find any objects on the floors that your toddler can put in his mouth. Make sure the electrical sockets are covered and look for hanging cords if curtain rods were left in the house.


Stay calm and when you all get to the new home, have a little party with your toddler or infant by celebrating with smiles, (a glass of wine for mom, beer for dad) and a present for the little ones.


And then there is the dog, cat, fish.


Good luck Moms and Dads- it will be OK (eventually).

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