Moving from a crib to his/her bed is a major milestone for a toddler. How do you insure your toddler will rest easy while you make the move?

Here are a few do’s and don’ts to think about before you consider “the move” to a big boy/girl bed.

  1. Do wait until your child is developmentally ready to understand “sleep rules”. Most kids are ready at about three years old. Although if you have a “mountain climber” child, he/she may be ready earlier due to safely considerations.
  2. Don’t make the move when a new baby is coming, you are moving or you are potty training. To many changes at one time is not good.
  3. Do try to keep your child in their crib for as long as possible. If you have a “climbing jumper”, try using a sleep sack so your child cannot get the leg up. ! Just say “no” and put him/her back in the crib. If that does not work , give up and move him/her to a bed for safety.
  4. Don’t give up the bedtime routine. Little children thrive on routine and a consistent


  1. Prepare your child for the move. Have him /her pick out some new bedding or a new big kid’s bed. Talk about the move and explain that nothing will change except the bed.
  2. Don’t forget about sleep rules. Your child needs to understand that he/she is expected to stay in bed until morning.
  3. Do place one side of the bed against the wall and slide a bed gate on the outside so he/she does not roll out.
  4. Don’t speak or make eye contact if your child gets out of bed. Just lead him/her back to the bed and leave.

Make sure your toddler’s new bed is sturdy since your child will roll, wiggle, jump and bounce on it.

The bed should be low to the ground and should have a side rail.

Choose a head board and foot board without any carvings, cutouts, protrusions. Your child could get his fingers caught and or injure himself.

Make sure the bed is certified from the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association.

Do not place the bed near windows, blind cords, draperies, radiators, heat registers and wall floor lamps.

Let you child be part of the whole exciting move to a Big Bed! Make sure you praise your child for great choices and great sleeping habits.


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