Is your Child Gifted?

Gifted Children

How To Tell If Your Baby Is Gifted


There are no hard and fast rules to identifying giftedness in babies but children t there are certain characteristics to watch out for.

A common misconception about gifted children is that their giftedness does not become apparent until after they start school. Gifted traits can be recognized in babies and toddlers if you know the signs. They may include:


*Extreme alertness or always looking around

*The need for less sleep than other babies

*The need for constant stimulation when awake

*The ability to mimic sounds earlier than other babies


There are a few signs that appear more often in highly intelligent children and you can look for these.

Babies that are gifted tend to meet certain milestones earlier than other babies. The will crawl, walk and even speak at younger ages than other babies. They will comprehend and show interest in a book you are reading to him/her as early as six months. They will also speak in sentences as early as 14 months and can follow spoken directions by at least 18 months.


Gifted babies have a remarkable memory from very early on. They remember where a hidden toy is or you eat in a kitchen.  They can climb out of their crib or over a gate by stacking objects in order for them to “scale the wall”.

Gifted babies can focus for long periods of time compared to most babies who lose interest very quickly. If your baby is gifted he/she will listen to the entire story or play with something for a long time.

Gifted babies connect with people and their surrounding very early on. Gifted babies will turn their head when someone speaks and actually look into someone’s eyes as if they are actually understanding what they are saying. These babies are very alert.

Gifted babies tend to be over sensitive and have more intense emotions, they can tell how others are feeling. Having empathy at very young ages is a sign of giftedness


IQ testing can be done at the age of 3 years old. Average IQ scores range between 85 and 115. If a child’s IQ is between 120 – 130 they are considered exceptional and can be put into classes for gifted children.


We all know that our child is the most gifted, talented, beautiful and most special child on the face of the earth and are so lucky to have a parent like you!

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