Should I Teach My Child a Second Language?

Should I Teach My Child a Second Language?

Teaching your child a second language will bring many advantages to the child in the future.
Being able to understand Dora the Explorer, watch foreign movies when they are older or sing along to the latest Europop hits can open their mind and give them a fantastic start to their life.
When Mom or Dad is bilingual it is practically the only way a child can truly master a second language. It is helpful to have one adult speak only the second language while the other adult speaks English or the language of the country in which they are residing.

Basically, the younger a child get started on picking up their second language the better it will be for them. Children pick up words and phrases very quickly and will soon start repeating what they hear in an instinctive way that is wonderful to see.
Do not underestimate her progress. The bilingual child might initially have a smaller vocabulary in each language, but their combined total should probably be more than that of their peers. The earlier you introduce a second language, the easier it will be for your child to pick up its unique sounds. The ability to hear different phonetic pronunciations is sharpest before the age of three. Hire a bilingual baby sitter and encourage her to speak in her native tongue all the time.
Teaching second language to a toddler may seem boring but it doesn’t have to be because you can watch foreign cartoons together, sing songs and play with many interactive toys. Also, there are many bilingual schools.
Why are so many families jumping on the bilingual bandwagon? Parents realize that their kids will benefit from knowing more than one language, in our bilingual world, says Nancy Rhodes, director of foreign- language education at the Center for Applied Linguistics, in Washington, D.C. “Exposing your child to a second language will help him learn about other cultures.” Research has shown that bilinguals tend to be more creative thinkers that those who speak one language, and one study suggests that their brain functions may stay sharper as they age.

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