Benefits of Investing in a Franchise

Benefits of Investing in a Franchise

In recent years, one of the fastest growing business segments in the United States has been franchising.


The benefits for a franchises include: a higher chance of success than in a sole proprietorship; shorter

time to opening; initial training and ongoing support; assistance in finding an optimal site; the selling

power of a known brand; lower costs through group purchasing; use of an established business model;

national and regional advertising campaigns; customer lead generation through websites and

centralized call centers; and a network of peers (fellow franchisees) to provide advice and moral support

through a company intranet, annual conferences, and franchisee associations and, increasingly,

assistance with securing funding.

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Although there is no guarantee of success the franchisee cannot be fired, as long as they are in

conformity with the franchise system, or downsized as in the corporate world. Many view franchising as

a commitment much like a marriage. A good match between franchisor and franchise, sharing mutual

goals over the long term, is essential to the success of each franchise unit, and thus the brand as a

whole-an essential factor that must be considered seriously by both parties before any contract is



Industry experts say that more than one in 10 outplaced executives are pursuing the franchise route or

other form of ownership. In fact, a franchise may be the best first enterprise for the would-be

entrepreneur because typically it comes with certain assets of an established business: proven products

and services, a developed management plan, professional promotional materials and name recognition.

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