Self- Care Skills From 3 Years to 5 Years

Self- Care Skills From 3 Years to 5 Years


Self- Care Skills From 3 Years to 5 Years

After you have successfully taught your beautiful child all the self-care skills until

he/she is in her fifth year, woops there he /she goes off on the school bus while

you stand there waving and sobbing ( not letting him/her see) into your arm pit.


Self-Care Skills For 3 Year Olds: (Positive Parenting)

Dress self (may need a little help)

Practice using snaps zippers and buttons

Explore taking a shower (need supervision)

Make bed (sort of)

Basic cooking – measuring, pouring, mixing. (My grandchildren cracked eggs,

helping me, when they were 2 years old- just had to watch for the shells)

Help set the table

Use a napkin

Remove own plate from table

Use kitchen sink to wash veggies or fruit


Self-Care For 4 Year Olds:

All past skills plus

Wash hair alone in shower (need help for rinse)

More cooking skills (cracking eggs, cutting banana slices, making simple sandwich)

Learn house phone number (we learn this in Baby Power earlier than 4 years old)

Learn own address (we learn this in Baby Power earlier than 4 years old)

Set ow place setting at table

Learn a little about the washing machine


Self-Care For 5 Year Olds:

Dress independently (you may not like their choices but be patient)

Brush hair independently (you may want to change the hair style but be patient)

Brush teeth

Shower independently (check to see if water is hitting entire body- not just from

the chest down)

Replace toilet paper roll if finished (daddy and grandpa don’t – they forgot)

Choose appropriate clothing for weather

Learn how to use microwave

Wash dishes, fruits, veggies with no supervision

Explore more cooking skills (peeling vegies, chopping with supervision)

Learn how to place things in oven with mitts (supervision)

Learn about emergency numbers (police, fire)

Independent play for an hour or more.


And then they are driving off to college and again you are sobbing but this time



All children are different and develop these skills at different times. Remember,

finding a balance between giving freedom for children to learn different skills and

swooping in to rescue is a tricky decision. It is really amazing what your child can

do for themselves (and you after while) by using encouragement, patience and

gritting your teeth.



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