Toddler Excercise

Toddler Exercise

According to the National Association of Sport and Physical education, your toddler should be logging a

minimum of 30 minutes of structured exercise (a planned physical activity such as a game of kick ball or

a tricycle ride) and at least one hour of unstructured exercise ( like a session of free play at the park)

every day. Physical activity is also a mood booster so your child will have a more positive self-image.

Baby Power

Baby Power Forever Kids

Some of the reasons for exercising are: children that exercise , sleep better at night, maintain a healthy

weight and are much happier than children that spend a lot of time in front of the TV (couch potatoes).

Active toddlers are more likely to stave off heart disease, diabetes and cancer as they grow older.

The exercises we do in our Baby Power toddler classes are also great for doing at home together. We

call them our Huggy Wuggy warm ups


1. Row row: Sit with toddler facing you and legs apart. Place baby’s legs under yours, hold baby’s

hands (he holds your thumbs and you wrap your fingers around his hand – this keeps his wrist

straight). Sing row row row your boat while baby leans back and forward 5 times


2. Get on hands and knees (Mom or Dad) toddler will imitate you. Raise your hands and then place

them one floor saying “down, down, down”. Touch floor and slowly slide on to stomach. Tap tap

tap on floor while kicking feet up and down. Laugh – your toddler will love this. Turn over onto



3. While on his back, grasp his ankles and open and close legs saying peek a boo. 10 times


4. Again, on his back, say “I am going to kiss your belly button.” Place your hand under his back, his

knees should be bent, and arch by lifting his back slightly.


And there are more exercises that are fun and good for both Mom, Dad and toddler.

Build fitness into your day. Park your car far away from an entrance so you and your toddler can

walk together instead of using the stroller all the time. Get up and dance with your toddler even

when you are watching a child cartoon.

Just have fun- it is a great age “Toddlerdum”!


While looking for activity classes look for classes where competition is avoided. Classes should focus

on your child’s individual progress and exploration and not force him to certain activities for which

he/she may not be strong or coordinated enough

This is the Baby Power Forever Kids theory of teaching young children.

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