Exercising Your Baby? How much?


Exercising Your Baby? How much?


Feeding is the only exercise needed for an infant. Breathing, sucking and swallowing all at once is

exercise. But you can add to this by taking our baby for a walk in a stroller, put your baby on the floor

beside you and practice stretching, play, talk and cuddle your baby regularly and carry your baby in a

sling or carrier while you exercise.



Your baby will develop an exercise regime himself during those early months. These exercises range

from lifting his head while in a prone position (on his tummy) to reaching and grabbing for things while

in the supine position (on his back).


Babies advance to trying to roll over, creeping, crawling and sitting, all around the first year. I recall

walking into my baby’s room and finding him on his tummy when I knew I put him on his back. What a

thrill. I call Daddy “THE BABY TURNED OVER!”. And there it begins.


Try not to have your baby spend time in an infant seat, swing or bouncer for extended periods of time,

or sitting in front of the TV. Keeping your baby active from the very beginning is very important so

developmental skills are learned and practiced. It is also very important for premature or other special-

needs babies to be helped but not encouraged to stand up before they are ready. They should spend

time on their tummies and sides to develop their muscle groups appropriately.


Here are some simple exercise you can do with your exploring baby:

Dancing to music while holding your baby in your arms or in a sling, assist your baby into a sitting

position, assist baby roll from front to back-back to front, move legs in a bicycle movement while on her

back (this helps a colicky baby), waving baby’s arms from side to side and up and down, allow baby to

grasp a ball. Help them to stand (when they are ready). Make sure you lower the crib the first time he

grabs for the top rung or he will be on his way out before you know it.


We, at Baby Power, start our programs at six months of age. We understand the development of an

infant is natural. By six – eight months a baby can benefit from our short program of exercise,

appropriate apparatus and music. We place the babies in a class of six to eight month olds.

Our next blog will address exercise for toddlers.

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