Baby Power

These are Parent/Child play classes for ages 6 months up to 3 ½ Years.

Children Group Playing Toy Blocks. Little Kids Early Development

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Forever Kids

Classes Designed to develop the second phase in a child’s development.

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Baby Power Forever-Kids parties are action-packed and filled with activities.

Kid Boy Celebrating His Birthday And Blowing Candles On Cake

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Use Storytelling to Engage the Creative Mind of a Child

  In our next series of blogs, we’ll be sharing ways to spark the imagination of a child. Parents and teachers can create opportunities for children to develop an imagination starting when a child is very young. At Baby Power, we strongly believe in the Power of Play (see white paper), and the only place ...

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Parent Child Bonding

What promotes bonding between a parent/child? A child needs to know that they’re loved. If they’re deprived of love, it will be very difficult to get along with children or adults. The first thing is they have to let the child know they are loved and accepted for who they are, not what the parent ...

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Parent Child Bonding 2

With studies stressing the importance of initial parent/child bonding on a child’s social, intellectual, and emotional development, what can a mother do if they are separated from their baby after a complex or premature birth? Touching, hugging, and talking to that child constantly will stimulate your child’s emotional and intellectual development. The baby also knows ...

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Emotional Work

Parents’ influence affects long-term emotional development of their child The emotional health of a child can be often overlooked by even the most enthusiastic parents seeking to provide a stimulating and enriching environment for their children. With the increased attention parents are giving towards raising physically fit children, it is equally important for parents to ...

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